11.20 health

Thursday Nov. 20

We all know healthcare costs can be outrageous, but where’s the benefit?

11.18 merge

Tuesday Nov. 18

Mergers and acquisitions are hot right now, and could pick up in 2015! Find out more here!

11.17 wages

Monday Nov. 17

Most of Americans don’t even make $20 per hour. How are you doing?


Monday Nov. 17

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11.14 pay

Friday Nov. 14

A lot of us are still living paycheck to paycheck. What about you?


Friday Nov. 14

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11.13 immigration

Thursday Nov. 13

Conservatives don’t want to loosen the Immigration Policy, but the President is ready to act. What do you think?


Wednesday Nov. 12

See where our guests are coming from today as well as some of the articles featured on the show!

11.12 mj

Wednesday Nov. 12

A new study is showing how smokers’ and non-smokers’ brains differ. What do you think?


Tuesday Nov. 11

Check out the guests coming on today’s show today right here. We are taking calls from Veterans today to honor our military!


Monday Nov. 10

Join the Financial Exchange today with our radiothon to raise money for military families. Donate by calling 617-385-4989 or text FHB 41444.


Friday Oct. 24

Click here to reveal the question o the day on healthcare since Ebola!


Thursday Sept. 25

Articles: Derek Jeter’s last New York game: $642 a seat By Chris Isidore, CNN Money       What do women want …

Thursday Sept. 4

Check out today’s guest list here! Call in between 10:15 and 10:45 to discuss your opinion on Border Control at 781-433-0404!


Friday May 23

Question of the Day: Are you planning to travel this summer? Where to? Leave a reply to win a prize!